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Who should take SAFe® Agile Product Management?

  • Agile Coach /Consultant /Agile Trainer

  • Product Manager /Project Manager

  • Product Owner /Product leaders

  • Business Owner /Business Analysts

  • Product Marketing Manager /Product Management Team

What does a
SAFe Agile Product Management professional do?

  • Develop the right mindset, skills, and strategies to build successful products using Agile techniques.

  • Create innovation in the value stream.

  • Use design thinking to achieve desirable, feasible, and sustainable products.

  • Apply a product strategy to set clarity and direction for the ART.

  • Evolve short-term roadmaps that result in long-term value.

How to become a
SAFe® 5 Agile Product Manager?

What are the SAFe Agile Product Management Learning Objectives?

  • Determine and apply design thinking to achieve desirable, feasible, and sustainable outcomes

  • Evaluate and explore market needs, segmentation, sizing, and competitive landscape

  • Identify and manage value stream economics, including pricing and licensing.

  • Illustrate and apply empathy to drive design

  • Determine and perform product strategy and vision

  • Develop and evolve roadmaps

  • Execute and deliver value using SAFe

  • Recognize and explore innovation in the value stream

  • Download Course Content

SAFe Agile Product ManagementDeliverables

  • SAFe® 5.1 APM Online Training with a 100% success guarantee

  • 100% Assured Scaled Agile certification

  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform

  • Certified SAFe® 5.1 Agile Product Manager digital badge to promote the accomplishment online

  • Access to Meetup groups and events that connect you with other Certified SAFe Professionals

  • Course Fee includes Scaled Agile Certification Examination Fee.

  • Eligible to apply for 24 PDUs with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP and PBA certifications and 15 PDUs with the PMI-ACP certification.

  • Eligible to apply for SEUs toward earning or renewing their CSP through Scrum Alliance

  • Continuous learning and support to advance your SAFe® 5.1 APM understanding

  • Full money back if you don’t like or are unable to attend the class.

“Discover the right mindset and skills for in-depth knowledge of the SAFe APM role.”

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What is Agile Product Management?

SAFe® 5.1 Agile Product Management (SAFe® 5.1 APM) is a credential offered by “Scaled Agile”. This course is usually ideal for product managers and senior product managers. They might have been applying many of the ideas taught in this program, but SAFe® 5.1 APM brings a good structure around those teams, enabling them to do their job better.

This SAFe® APM course is recommended to everyone who wants to become entrepreneurs, product managers, junior product owners, etc. Even Associate Product Managers can do this course, who are asked to come up with strategic themes, defining the vision, exploring the market segments, understanding and coming up with the design thinking, customer centricity, coming up with their own suite of products, and so on.

In today’s era, even large enterprises want to create a culture that looks like micro-enterprises, i.e. dividing the organization into micro-enterprises so that each enterprise can deliver and add value. This concept creates a huge need for product management skills. When you divide the organization into micro-enterprises, you need someone to think and apply. So, this SAFe® 5.1 APM program can ultimately improve product management skills in a structured approach that can be applied at a small team level. Hence, this SAFe® Agile Product Management program can help you achieve some mileage and better career opportunities.

SAFe® 5.1 APM certification course gives you a structured approach and an understanding of the basics, i.e., the role of a Product Owner and a Product Manager, customer centricity, design thinking principles, different strategies for exploring the market and so on. So if you aspire to get into a product management and product ownership role, you will get a broader perspective on product management by doing this program. SAFe ® 5.1 APM also enables you to do a gap analysis and determine the key areas they should improve. So it does not need lots of experience in advance to do this course. SAFe® APM certification course is also coupled with various simulations, case studies and examples so that you can grab the concepts and build your future skills.

The product management professional feels they can play a role in the organisation’s overall transformation and business agility. It enables them to think about the customer segment, adaption, how to make the product work and how to make the overall business model around the product? So the idea of this program is not just about the product, but the overall business model, which can sustain with the help of this product. So you will bring a lot of empathy from product managers to the comprehensive transformation initiative.

SAFe® Agile Product Management course helps Product Managers learn how to do product management activities in a structured way. It assists Product Managers in learning how to penetrate the marketplace and create innovative products. The structured approach also enables Product Managers to do their jobs better.

The SAFe® APM course will give you a structured approach with an understanding of how to become a Product Manager. This course includes topics like, what is the role of a Product Owner, what is the role of Product Manager, what is Customer-Centricity, what are the design thinking principles, how Product Managers build market segments, what are the different strategies in terms of exploring the market, and so on. The course moves on with a very sequential approach to make sure that learners can benefit from it. SAFe® APM program enables you in doing the gap analysis of your knowledge and skills so that you can find out the key areas that you need to improve. The course is also coupled with various simulations, case studies, and examples so that you can grab those concepts and build future skills easily.

Yes, in the current situation we are giving a 100% refund/rescheduling if you can’t attend the program because of any reason.

Let us know within 4 hours of starting the class, and we will refund your full money.

  • All the cancellation and reschedule requests must be notified over email.
  • Requests received any time before class will get a 100% refund within 7 working days.
  • After the first day, if you’re unable to attend because of an emergency, we will reschedule your class for the future.

Learning Videos

Lead by Industry Leading Trainers

Rakesh Singh
Business Agility Faculty, SAFe 4 Program Consultant
Rakesh Singh is a keen enthusiast to develop, promote and educate on the evolving framework of Business Agility to leaders across the industries. Rakesh Singh is a keen enthusiast to develop, promo...
Experience : 28+ years of association with Siemens and expertise in Quality Management, Project Management, Lean/Agile transformation (SAFe 4.6 SPC) ...
Trained : 16000+ professionals
Shyam Addanki
Enterprise Agile Transformation Leader – SAFe 5.0(RTE, SPC), ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC, ICP-BAF, ICP-CAT, ICP-ENT

Global Enterprise Agile transformation leader/Agile Coach who has 20+ years of experience in providing both strategic and tactical leadership, managing client partnerships ...

Experience : 20+ years of experience in providing both strategic and tactical leadership across multi-million dollar engagements...
Trained : 5000+ professionals

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