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Who should take Kanban Systems Improvement Certification?

  • Project Managers / Program Managers

  • Agile Coaches and Consultants

  • Application leads / Team leads

  • Software developers

  • Testers

  • Business analysts

What does a
Kanban Management Professional do?

  • Adopt Kanban and enhance the existing Kanban system.

  • Take the Kanban initiative for the organization.

  • Gets involved in feedback loops like service delivery review, operations review, and risk review.

  • Understand and apply the Kanban values.

How to become a
Kanban Management Professional?

What are the Kanban Management Professional learning objectives?

  • Guide a team in their adoption of Kanban

  • Embrace a service-delivery mindset and help the team identify and reduce the bottlenecks that obstruct their development process

  • Learn how to measure and use meaningful kanban metrics like Flow Efficiency, Lead Time Distribution, Control Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

  • Learn how to conduct effective Kanban meetings–service delivery review, operations review and risk review

  • Evolve the process and practices in collaboration with the team to ensure the service delivery model is “fit for purpose”.

  • Download Course Content

Kanban Management Professional (KMP2) Deliverables

  • 100% Assured KSI Kanban certification

  • Led by an experienced Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT)

  • 16-hour virtual course session

  • An electronic copy of the book “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” by David J. Anderson

  • Earn KSI (Kanban Systems Improvement) certificate upon course completion

  • An electronic copy of the course slides

  • Real-world support and grooming

  • Lifetime Membership with Kanban University, where you can share your experience and new ideas in the Kanban community.

  • Query Handling Facility over Email & Phone

  • Complete career path guidance

  • Continuous learning and support to advance your KSI Kanban understanding

  • Full money back if you don’t like or cannot attend the Kanban Management Professional class.

Content Outline

The KMP II class will help you adopt Kanban and enhance your existing Kanban system. You will consider what type of Kanban initiative may be most appropriate for your organization and how to manage and evolve it over time without trauma. The class also covers the recommended feedback loops like service delivery review, operations review, and risk review.

During the course, we will discuss the following Kanban topics:

  • Motivation for the Kanban Method
  • Understanding Kanban values
  • Dealing with resistance to WIP limits
  • Proto-Kanban – Various Kanban boards
  • Case Study – Scrumban for the Enterprise
  • Kanban Systems – key characteristics and metrics
  • Kanban cadences – Implementing feedback loops
  • Commitment and Replenishment
  • Evolutionary vs. Managed change
  • Understanding Process Variability
  • Models for continuous improvement

To support classroom teaching this course uses non-technical exercises, case studies, and a simulation exercise.

“Boost Workflow, Productivity, and Minimize Wastage in your organization with KSI (Kanban Systems Improvement) Training.”

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Full money back if you don’t like or cannot attend the KSI Kanban class.


What are the common situations where the Kanban Method delivers great value?

  • New Scrum teams struggling to reach a sustainable pace of development
  • Scrum teams that are overwhelmed by frequent changes in the Sprint scope
  • Waterfall teams that wish to transition to Agile but feel Scrum could be too risky, too disruptive
  • Mature Scrum teams that wish to transition to Continuous Delivery
  • Teams looking for an “alternative path to agility”

“Kanban Systems Improvement” is a 2-day advanced level course that will help participants build on their existing knowledge of the Kanban Method and will help them take their current Kanban implementation to the next level.

Upon successfully completing the KSI Kanban course, attendees will become accredited members of Kanban University.

The Kanban Management Professional course has no prerequisites. However, prior attendance in the Kanban System Design class is preferred. Also, reading “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows is recommended.

There is no exam for the Kanban Management Professional. However, you must attend the Kanban System Improvement training sessions and complete all the assignments to get certified.

The cost of certification is included in the Kanban Management Professional training fee. You need not pay for anything separately for the Kanban System Improvement course.

Once you join our virtual KMP-2 Certification program, you will participate in a Kanban System Improvement online session, as indicated in the schedule. You will also be expected to complete KMP2 program assignments. On completing all classes and assignments successfully, you will be awarded the Kanban Management Professional certification.

David J Anderson – the founder of Kanban Inc, the parent body of KU – pioneered the use of the “Kanban Method” for knowledge work and service work since 2005. Over the past several years, David – with assistance from an active Kanban community – has enhanced the Kanban method by incorporating concepts such as pull systems, queuing theory, and flow.
Today, the KU Kanban certifications are the most renowned Kanban certifications in the technology world.

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Learning Videos

Lead by Industry Leading Trainers

Sanjay Kumar
Agile Trainer & Coach [AKT, KCP, ICP-ACC, CSP, PMI-ACP® Certification, KMP]
An Agile/Kanban Coach, with over 18 years of IT experience, Sanjay helps organizations learn and transition to Agile in an evolutionary/low-impact manner that aims to bring quick results while main...
Experience : 15+ years...
Trained : 10000+ Participants

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