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Q. How to get started?

Schedule a free consulting call with us where we can understand your team collaboration and work management needs; based on the discussion, we will propose a solution roadmap.

Initially, it doesn’t look straight, but it gets easy; we recommend the products based on your team collaboration and work management needs. We will also educate you about the product features of Atlassian.

Based on your needs, we will make a list of Jira users, and you need to buy a license for each user.

Yes, Atlassian gives you a free trial period for your products so you can test them before you make the purchase decision.

Atlassian is moving to 100% cloud from 2024, so we recommend you only look for cloud-based solutions.

No, though you see more and more Software Team using Jira, Jira also has a product for Work Management and Service Management.

Yes, Cloud Installation is the most common installation, and it gives you an easy start and maintenance.

It depends; if you have frequent administration work, it may need you to have your administrator; else, you can work with a partner like us who can take care of your administration needs.

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Sekhar Burra
Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), CEC , CTC , ICF-PCC , ORSC , PMP, PMI-ACP
Sekhar is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), and Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach with 17+ years of experience. His primary focus and speciality includes buildi...
Experience : 17 + Years of experience...
Trained : 20000 + Participants trained
Sanjay Kumar
Agile Trainer & Coach [AKT, KCP, ICP-ACC, CSP, PMI-ACP® Certification, KMP]
An Agile/Kanban Coach, with over 18 years of IT experience, Sanjay helps organizations learn and transition to Agile in an evolutionary/low-impact manner that aims to bring quick results while main...
Experience : 15+ years...
Trained : 10000+ Participants
Saket Bansal
Trainer & Coach - PMP®, PMI-ACP®, SAFe Agilist , KMP , CDA , ICP-ACC , ICP-ATF and CAPM®
Saket is a project Management enthusiast, a leading agile trainer and coach with experience in implementing and imparting project management practices amongst corporates and professionals. He is fo...
Experience : 20 + Years...
Trained : 15,000 + Participants