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How to select CSM training provider?

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Created on :
October 27, 2016
Updated on :
October 27, 2022


I have been helping Agile professionals choosing a CSM certification provider for quite some time. We collect feedback from people post training which help us understand the selection criteria they use while choosing a CSM provider.

1. Proximity of training location – 24%
2. Price of the training – 20%
3. Suitability of dates – 26%
4. Others – 30%

Certified Scrum master is the beginning of your scrum journey, it’s the first step in ladder of a successful Scrum career. Here is my personal checklist to ensure a good beginning.

1. As I said, CSM is just the beginning, how can the training provider guide you for a successful scrum career?

2. What is the kind of pre-learning support trainer has for me? What kind of material is shared before the class?

3. Do they have someone who can personally guide you in doing so? Do they have a platform that can help you design my future certification path? As I said in beginning, CSM is start of learning and certification there are many (such as CSP, PMI-ACP® Certification, SAFe, Kanban, CDA, ICP-ACC etc.) certification which are sought after for a successful agile career.

4. How can I master agile and scrum? Do I get any peer support? Does the training provider help me further in connecting with the community?

5. How many scrum education units do I get? (Read more on Scrum education units and why they are important) Most CSM training provide 14-16 Scrum education units. Some providers have online programs or learning material which helps you gain additional scrum education units.

6. How approachable is the trainer post my training? Can I get a personal support for any queries related to exam or agile and scrum in general? Scrum is easy to understand and difficult to implement. There are many open loops which can confuse you while implementing, a peer or expert support is very important.

Here is the table which you can copy paste in excel for an easy comparison.

Criteria Add provider of your choice here iZenBridge
Does the training provider regular learning opportunity for free or minimal cost? Yes , we do regular web and face to face community events
Do they help me design a certification path? We work with each participant to address their certification needs and design a path for them.
Can they support me in meeting my future training needs? We have the most extensive agile product portfolio in India
Do they provide some pre-training material? What kind of content is it? Yes we have detailed video program on scrum which covers scrum guide end to end
How many Scrum education units do I Get? 22 , 16 from classroom and 6 from online program
Can I reach knowledge experts from provider to clarify doubts Yes, you can do it via phone / mail / forum and in face to face events.
Does the provider help in getting CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) Yes , we assist in completing 70 SEUs for CSP
Do they have mock tests for CSM? Yes, we provide 160 questions to practice from

This is my list of criteria and the idea is to ease the decision-making process. Feel free to add your own criteria in excel sheet while comparing the training providers. Feel free to ask if you are not sure if iZenbridge is meeting the criteria you have in mind.

We would like to expand the list for the benefit of participants, in case you have already taken a CSM training, do share your selection criteria in comments below, we will update this blog.