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I am experienced, but unemployed. Am I eligible for PMP® Certification?

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Created on :
January 21, 2016
Updated on :
October 27, 2022

Leena my friend, started her career as a software engineer and later on promoted as Project Manager. She took off from the job due to personal priority to take care of her kids. At the time of coming back in the industry, things were not so easy for the position where she left. Thankfully, PMP® certification came as a natural choice as a support in her come back.

She thought – why not to do worldwide recognised PMP® certificate?  She was confused – Am I eligible as there is a gap in my experience?

Many of you might face similar kind of situations.  I often come across questions; Am I eligible for PMP® Certification if

  • I worked for few years but currently on sabbatical?
  • I started my own business after working as a Project Manager for 10 years?
  • After 8 years of experience I left my job and now I am not working?
  • I have a gap in my career?

I noticed that there are lots of misunderstandings and confusions related to the gap in professional career. These frequently asked questions motivated me to write this post. I hope, after reading this blog all your doubts will be cleared.

PMP® handbook says:

In case of qualification as Bachelor’s degree of 4 years, you need to show project management experience of 4500 hours (which can be accumulated in 3 years)


Qualification as 3 years of Diploma, you need to show project management experience of 7500 hours (which can be accumulated in 5 years)

All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission.

So if you have more than 3 years of experience in leading or directing projects and are not working from last 4 to 5 years you are eligible to sit in PMP® Examination. PMI will not ask any query related to the gap in your professional career. All they want is 4500 or 7500 hours of project management experience within last 8 years.

At times people come across tough situations, when they are bound to take hard decisions like quitting their job without anything in hand. It is difficult to overcome this phase of career and preparation for PMP® exam can be a good choice at that time. PMP® certification boosts your confidence level and lets you step into the world with new opportunities in various fields.

Females who take breaks, they can utilize their time in best possible way by preparing for such a globally recognized exam. If your total related experience is more than 36 months and these 36 months plus gap is less than 8 years than you are eligible to take PMP® exam.

For professionals who switch to their own business from full time job, PMP® certificate would help in achieving goals better. PMP® is not just a certificate; it is a fully fledged science of project management approach and planning. After this certification people are exposed to a strategic planning, standards, techniques, practices, and current trends of project.

A professional with a PMP® certification is recognized worldwide, it shows his/her commitment to the profession.

Don’t be confused for your gap in professional career, just go for it if you are having minimum experience. Having PMP® certification shows your commitment to the profession, it demonstrates your excellence in global standard.

If you are looking to open or expand your career opportunities, it is time to take action to pass the exam instead of prolonging it further. Our online PMP® Certification program will give you expert hand-holding till you get certified.

I hope this blog has sufficiently answered your all queries related to gap in your professional career. You can post follow up questions on our FORUM.

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