Why Should Project Manager get PMI-PBA® Certification?

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Created on :
February 9, 2016
Seema Sonkiya
Updated on :
November 15, 2021

In my last PMI-PBA® Certification class, we had good discussion on the reason behind why project managers should do PMI-PBA® certificate. This class had 70% participants who were already PMP® certification and talk like this was natural. The main curiosity of participants was to know why PMI-PBA® certification for project managers?

I facilitated the discussion. The whole debate was around participant’s real-life practical experiences. I also added facts from the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession survey report. Discussion ended with realization that:

Yes, PMP® certification helps in applying project management skills and leadership to project challenges. But what makes mastery while working with business stakeholders? Project managers need to go deep in the business analysis for the success of the project.

PMI launched the PMI-PBA® certificate two years back. That time most of us wonder why PMI is getting in business analysis domain? In fact, I asked this question to PMI panel in one of their webinar for REPs. And I still remember the answer I got. The presenter said, PMI as an organization charter is looking to improve the project management practices. PMI wants to evangelize the business analysis good practices because we all know that business analysis is one of the critical areas to make project success.

I use to meet a lot of professionals in various trainings. I observed, apart from project management skills, prioritizing requirements and showing cost benefit are equally important. Getting hard skills makes you employable, sustainable especially when you are already a PMP®, PMI-PBA® certified can help you to sustain in the crowd 🙂

In today’s world, organizations are looking for T-shaped professionals. Many organizations expect project managers to contribute beyond project management work. Organizations are valuing requirement management as a critical competency leads to better project performance.

Business Analysis is something very much aligned with what project managers are already doing in some pockets of time. Thus, business analysis is one of the area project manager can specialize.

Also with the rise of Agile practices, many project managers are moving towards the role of Product Manager or Product Owner and for these two roles also PMI-PBA®  certification is a good certificate.

No doubt, PMP® certification is a door opener for project management job opportunities. But holding PMI-PBA® certification can help you in separating from the ‘amateurs’ who face difficulty while working with business.

You should go to PMI-PBA® certification, if your role also entitles to:

Requirement Management: Prioritizing requirements and displaying the cost-benefit involved, thereby getting stakeholder buy-in. These are skills needed for effective requirements management.

Processes: Capability to use a formal process to ensure requirements validation for projects.

Expectation: Having integration of requirements management and business analysis with project management.

Stakeholder Management: Collaborate with stakeholders to lead continuous flow of requirements.

Doing PMI-PBA® certificate will enhance your business analysis skills and make you more marketable for organizations where project manager also works as a contributor.

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I hope this blog has answered your all queries related to the importance of PMI-PBA® certification in the project management. You can refer following YouTube videos playlist to have more insight in it:

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