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PMI-ACP® Exam Study Plan

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Created on :
June 7, 2017
Seema Sonkiya
Updated on :
November 15, 2021

I have been receiving a constant question of how to prepare the PMI-ACP® exam? What should be the PMI-ACP® exam study plan to crack it at the earliest possible time? I observed the need of roadmap becomes high because PMI has not introduced any book specific to the exam, recommended eleven reference books instead. The primary challenge comes with the truth that candidates are not required to go deep in each every concept from these books. An expert advice is needed to find the logical sequence and appropriate filtering of the content. The next primary challenge is that no single study plan is suitable for everyone. Each has a different level of experience of various Agile Practices and requires a plan accordingly.

Keeping in mind challenges mentioned above, I am proposing a phased approach. You can adapt each phase of your study plan as per your need.

  1. Know the PMI-ACP® exam Domains: The goal is to get the feel of PMI-ACP® contents allocated in the seven domains.
  2. Master PMI-ACP® exam Domains: During this phase, you go in the deep to ‘Master’ all seven domains of the PMI-ACP® exam.
  3. Practice PMI-ACP® exam Domains: The goal of the last phase is to ‘Practice’ the endurance of three hours long exam and fixing the final identified gaps.

Now come on the action plan for each Phase:

  1. Know the PMI-ACP® exam Domains: At this stage, you are required to know the PMI-ACP® exam domains. You need a mechanism to learn and evaluate the learning’s as follows:
    Know the PMI-ACP Exam Domain

      1. Understand the Concepts: The goal of this phase is to familiarize with PMI-ACP® domains. For more details on these domains, you can refer blog on “PMI-ACP® Eligibility Experience Criteria Demystified”Following could include the approaches to understanding the PMI-ACP® exam concepts:
        1. Watch classroom style videos: iZenBridge clients get an exam preparation beginning with logically arranged chapter-wise classroom style videos, lesson notes, and chapter end quizzes. These all serves the core material and has a complete coverage from the PMI-ACP® content outline. You are not required to refer any of PMI recommended reference books as we understand that course has to reduce your efforts in learning.
        2. Read Reference Books: The second approach could be, first, go through the PMI-ACP® content outline, and mark the relevant content from these eleven reference books. Then create your lesson notes to get a good coverage of PMI-ACP® exam content.
        3. Take Training: As a third approach, you can attend PMI-ACP® training programs where a trainer can help you get into the details of PMI-ACP® exam domains.
      2. Evaluate Learning’s: Irrespective of learning strategy, you need a measurable tool to evaluate the learning’s. For our course, lesson end quizzes are available to assess your learning’s. After one round of course, you can attempt mock test one & two as well. For the evaluation, as during ‘Know’ stage, the goal is not to walk you through the real exam, thus 60% marks sound good.


  • Master PMI-ACP® exam Domains: After one round, of course, the time comes to go in deep. Now you need to connect different Agile Practices, Roles, Ceremonies, Facilitation Techniques, Team Conflicts, Team Leadership, etc. with each other. For the ‘Mastery’ of the PMI-ACP® programme I am suggesting following steps:
    1. Focus deep on PMI-ACP® Exam Domains: The course which you have been selected in the ‘Know’ phase requires your deep understanding for the mastery. In the ’Mastery’, go through course with more focus – If something is related to later chapters, you would be able to connect quickly. Ability to establish connection is the key to crack the scenario based questions. Also to master, it is necessary that you don’t leave anything for future, go through again if something is not clear.Master the PMI-ACP Exam Domain
    2. Book Questions: You need simulations to achieve the goal of the ‘Mastery’ phase. For the purpose, you are required to delve the reliable source which has updated questions bank as per the latest trend of examination. Our course has a lot of tests for the same to check ‘Mastery’ for the exam.
    3. Evaluate Mastering the Content: For Chapter end quizzes, short and quick test, if you must score more than 85%. If you are not scoring, analyze your gaps; also don’t move until you fill those gaps. Make sure you are not leaving anything for tomorrow.


  • Practice PMI-ACP® exam Domains: The goal for ‘Practice’ is to develop endurance and get ease with the integration of PMI-ACP® exam domains areas.Practice the PMI-ACP Exam Domains
    1. Take Full-length simulation Exam: ‘Practice’ needs a mixture of questions to meet the expectation of real exam. iZenBridge mock tests three and four are like getting full thing for the real exam.
    2. Identify Weak Areas: While attempting the full-length test, identify weak areas, and analyze weakness. It is advised not to rush from one simulation exam to another.
    3. Take Actions: After each simulation, you are required to analyze which section of content needs your attention. Plan to fix them before moving further.
    4. Evaluation of Practicing the Content: It is expected you score 80% in expert simulation exams.

Last but not least:

Preparing PMI-ACP® exam needs participation. Preparation in silos is not recommended. At any stage of exam preparation, if something is not clear, come to the forum. iZenBridge forum is another source of learning where approx 1000+ active threads open up your perspectives towards concepts. We also have a public area of PMI-ACP® forum where any exam aspirant can participate.

Based on test takers exam experience I would say that exploring iZenBridge PMI-ACP® forum is a great thing to do in your last day’s preparation. Our forum has many threads for almost every PMI-ACP® exam concepts. When you see how different participants are asking the same question differently, it opens up different perceptions towards the same concept. It could create a strong mastery of the PMI-ACP® exam content.

Our PMI-ACP® online course is designed to crack it in one Go!! Do enroll in the course to shorten your PMI-ACP® Certification journey.

In case you have follow-up questions in developing PMI-ACP® exam study plan, write in the comment box below, I would be more than happy to assist you.

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