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How to Earn PMP® Exam 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education?

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Created on :
April 21, 2016
Seema Sonkiya
Updated on :
January 19, 2022

Most of you would know that PMP® certification is one of the most renowned project management certificate. If you are planning to do PMP® Certification, you need to earn 35 contact hours in project management even before submitting the application. For these 35 contact hours, when I interact with professionals, I see they need lots of clarity on how and when to earn 35 contact hours. In this blog I am attempting to answer these Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is 35 contact hours of project management education?
  2. How to earn 35 Contact hours of project management education online?
  3. How to earn 35 Contact hours of project management education for free?
  4. When should one earn 35 contact hours?

1. What is 35 contact hours of project management education?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Handbook defines it like below

35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management.

Source: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Handbook, Page 8.

In simple words, Contact Hours are hours earned before becoming PMP® certified. You need to undergo 35 hours of project management education which covers content as per Project Management Professionals Content Outline. A program which includes Project Management Body of Knowledge as defined by PMI satisfies that need of these contact hours. And to earn them, either you can attend in-person education or pursue online learning system.

I recommend attending programs of PMI Registered Education Providers. The programs by REPs are the most popular way as it ensures that program is pre-approved for 35 contact hours by the PMI. Our PMP®  Certification Online Program is one of them.

2. How to earn 35 Contact hours of project management education online?

You can earn 35 contact hours online but to my surprise, many professionals are not even aware of this option. I believe in today’s business environment that online programs provide better facilitation at support for PMP® exam than classroom sessions. In many of my interactions with professionals, I found that most of us live in the world of work and life challenges. Thus, the online self-learning comes with flexibility of customizing the learning at your convenience. Many times, the best time to prepare is when kids are sleeping.

Now let’s talk about steps of earning contact hours by the online education system. The steps are simple. You can start exploring the content just after enrolling to our PMP® Certification program. You can get your PDU certificate within three business days of enrollment. All you need to take a small assessment after completion of the first pass of the program. The good news is; you do not need to track hours you spend on learning it. Because PMI has their way of calculating the contact hours when they approve the program for 35 contact hours. For PMI, these contact hours are calculated based on how much time an average learner will take to finish the program. You get the PDU certificate in PDF format.

3. How to earn 35 Contact hours of project management education for free?

Earning 35 Contact hours for free can be tricky; you can find some programs on the internet which will give you few contact hours for free. By accumulating hours, you can reach to the total of 35. To start with you can enrol in our program on PMP® Certification Introduction which can give you seven contact hours / PDUs for free. Once done look for opportunities in your organization to attend training which is aligned to Project management education and record them as contact hours’ education. Doing multiple courses to earn total 35 contact hours can increase your administrative efforts. You need to take care that all of these courses covers all topics of Project Management Body of knowledge. Also, you need to be very clear about the documentation proof for these earned contact hours, if not done properly your PMP® exam application may get rejected

4. When should one earn 35 contact hours?

Many of you ask the question what is the best time to attend a program to earn 35 contact hours? Some of you believe that reading books on project management before enrolling to 35 contact hours can help them better. I give suggestion to my clients to start PMP® exam preparation after entering to our 35 contact hours. Because we ensure to provide you complete assistance for your PMP®  exam preparation, and all study material is part of the program. Our videos explain concepts far better than any books, so to make it faster it’s better to start with our program.

Our course is not just for getting 35 PDUs certificate; it is a complete association with iZenBridge to get your certificate. we do have very extensive support system, and it happens via the forum, emails and live interaction opportunities.

This blog is an attempt to answer queries related to 35 contact hours, if you wish to know more about PMP® Certification, you may check our video for the same:

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