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What is Certified Scrum Professional (CSP®) and What are its Prerequisites

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Created on :
August 6, 2014
Updated on :
October 27, 2022

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP®) Certificate is an advanced certification from the Scrum Alliance. CSP® demonstrates your flawless Scrum knowledge to the industry. In this blog, I’m explaining the process of becoming a CSP®. Below are three broader eligibility criteria to become CSP®

This blog describes the old CSP process which was applicable till 31st December 2017 only. For The new CSP process, please visit Scrum Alliance website.

  • You need to have one base Scrum Certification out of CSM®, CSPO®, CSD®
  • 3 years, i.e. 36 months minimum experience of working on Scrum. You should have played scrum role in this duration.
  • You need to acquire 70 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs)

This brings us to a significant question- How to earn these 70 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs)? And what are these SEUs all about?

Scrum Alliance has simplified the process of earning and managing SEUs by broadly categorizing them under six categories. These categories represent the type of learning which one can report against SEUs.

Category A- for this category, there is an upper limit of 45 SEUs. This category says you can claim one SEU per hour, if you are participating or attending any of the Scrum Alliance associated gatherings or events or user group activities, For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs.

Category B- The good part of this category is there is no upper limit in this category. This category states that any training program imparted by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CSTs ) or a Registered Education Provider (REPs).

For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs page. iZenbridge is an REP with scrum Alliance and we have many online and offline sessions which can help you earn SEUs.

Category C- The upper limit for this category is 15 SEUs. These 15 SEUs can be earned by any other events which are on agile but are not provided by CSTs or REPs, scrum alliance sponsored events also falls in this category.

Category D- The category also has 15 SEUs as an upper limit. This category recognizes the voluntary services related to Agile/Scrum. This is, in a way the Scrum Alliance wants you to spread Scrum awareness, give back to the community what you have learned so far.

Category E- This category recognizes your independent learning (Asynchronous Learning). This Category has an upper limit of 15 SEUs. For more details, please check Scrum Alliance ways to earn SEUs.

Category F- This category also earns you 15 SEUs and recognizes the Synchronous learning (Group or collaborative Learning). You may engage in a number of collaborative learning activities with fellow Scrum practitioners. For instance, you can join a webinar which is not given by a REPs or offered co-training in Scrum/Agile with any Scrum Practitioner.

These are all six categories under which you can easily earn 70 SEUs.

Once you have these prerequisites fulfilled, you need to fill the CSP® application and submit it along with 70 SEUs details; you also need to submit 100 USD as application processing fee. Scrum Alliance may take a minimum of two weeks duration to verify the details provided by you in the application. They may also ask you to clarify or verify one or two information furnished by you in the application form.

Once your application form information are reviews you receive an approval email from Scrum Alliance with a link to deposit the remaining 150 USD, to complete your CSP® Certification., After, your Fee is processed, you will be a Certified Scrum Professional® and CSP® license and Agreement would be delivered to you via a link which you can download on your system. This certification would be effective for two years from the date of sanction. In just 250 USD, you get your CSP® Certification! It isn’t that hefty an investment for such an indispensable boost for your career and knowledge.

Please note – Scrum Alliance keeps updating the SEUs and eligibility criteria. Please check the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Page for the latest information.

You can join the discussion on SEU related queries in our Forum. You can also log into our YouTube channel watch the video on the same