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can csm be done online

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Created on :
February 12, 2018
Updated on :
October 27, 2022
scrum alliance allowed online csm training
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We all know Coronavirus pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. Apparently, here is an opportunity to enhance your career in Scrum world , by opting Scrum Master Certification online training and certification . As Scrum alliance unlatched doors of doing CSM Training and exam Online.

In the last few blogs, I have been discussing some of the commonly asked questions on topics related to Agile, CSM and project management. Here’s another interesting one in this series. A common question that I get frequently is – can I do CSM online?

As you are aware, we have good online presence with many pertinent videos and discussions on Agile and non-Agile topics related to program management. As a result, a lot of aspirants from across the globe want to explore the possibility of doing CSM online training and certification.

The simple answer to this is – ‘No’ only when classroom sessions were there. As now after the emergence of CSM Online training, classrooms sessions are on bench for sometime . So keeping in view the sudden changes in the world till when and how? we stimulated to CSM Online Training. So that you can experience same rigorous learning with our Certified Scrum Trainers. In which you will have 16 hours of face to face live and interactive sessions with them. As these are mandatory to meet the standards of Scrum Alliance, to achieve valuable certification and learning.

Here’s why: CSM is a Scrum Alliance certification Program – The certification is provided by Scrum Alliance, which has mandated a 2-day training in order to be eligible to appear for the certification exam. The reason for the certification to be structured in this way is to ensure individual interaction.

The certification methodology lays emphasis on the participants interacting with the certified scrum trainer. Part of the reason is to ensure that when a certified Scrum trainer guides the participants, the scrum knowledge is passed on in a consistent way. In addition, such interactions go beyond Scrum frameworks and stimulates discussions on wider topics related to Scrum and experience sharing, all of which is valuable. This is one of the key reasons why attending a classroom session is mandated for obtaining CSM certificate.

CSM Exam: In order to become a certified Scrum master, you will have to appear for the CSM exams. The exam in itself is fairly simple and flexible. This can be taken from home and usually takes about an hour to complete.

In order to enrich your skills we provide an access on our own exclusive e-learning portal which assist you in deep learning of the lessons and also mock tests for practice so that you can get perfect Score in the exam.

From the format or the way CSM certification is structured, I am sure it is clear that the real focus of this course is in the 2-day session along with interaction with the certified Scrum trainer.

Other Online Courses:

There are a number of other options available for those who are looking for online courses. Particularly, there are generic Agile based certificate that is also based on Project management. One such course that you can explore is PMI-ACP® certification. This certification recognizes skills related to Agile principles and techniques. One can prepare for this course online and give the exam at a prometric center.

Another option Is PSM, which is a Professional Scrum Master certificate from This is a highly flexible program where you can learn online, buy the certification quote from anywhere by paying the money and give the exam from home. Your Scrum guide will help in preparing for PSM.

At iZenbridge, we have programs that can help you in preparing for both PMI-ACP® (Agile certified practitioner) and PSM certification. And also if you want to upgrade your knowledge in the Agile world which directs to a new normal situation, you get an opportunity to explore our other programs, ICP-ACCICP- ATF, and ICP-BAF.

You can reach out to us for any queries or support in helping you prepare for these certifications.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Can CSM online training and certification can be done online?

Ans: Yes, It can be done online by taking 16 hours of 2 -days virtual sessions with Certified Scrum Trainers.

Q: How to get Scrum Master certification online?

Ans: After completion of the required minimum hours of virtual sessions, you will be eligible to appear for the online exam with a duration of 1 hr and get certified.

Q: Do we get any CSM guide for pre post learning?

Ans: You will get access to the CSM guide which will be shared once you enroll with us.

Q: Can I take the CSM exam without training?

Ans: No, as It’s mandatory to take at least 14 hours of live face to face training with Certified Scrum Trainer to appear for CSM exam

Q: Where to take Scrum Master exam?

Ans: You can take an exam at your own comfort zone at your home, office or anywhere else you want with good internet connectivity

scrum alliance allowed online csm training
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