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iZenBridge International Event- 1st Agile Project Management Workshop, Jakarta

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Created on :
February 4, 2014
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
February 4, 2014
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iZenBridge has finally spread its wings to foreign shores. Indonesia being an old associate some of the friends from Jakarta suggested to organize Project Management Training in Jakarta for the company I previously worked with. It was a brilliant offer and things started rolling down with ease.

We hosted our first “Agile Project Management Workshop” in Jakarta on January 28-29, 2014 at The Ritz Carlton.

iZenBridge International Event
It was the first iZenBridge International Event and I was a bit, wondering how it would turn out since not many know about Agile in that part of the globe. Agile Project Management is somewhat a new concept in Indonesia and less people have a clue about it. So, my motive was to make a powerful impact on the organization and the professionals attending my Agile Project Management Workshop. This was going to be our groundbreaking event and a stepping stone for further iZenBridge International Events.

To my surprise, we received an excellent response from the market and several media people too joined our 2 days Agile Training. Our local partners in Jakarta, “PT Infotech Solutions” work in the media industry. So, we had a group of professionals, who manage IT job for several TV Channels, in Agile Workshop.

I begin with an introductory note on ‘What is Agile and The Essence of Agile.’ Since the subject matter was new to the audience and they were still confused how it could be relevant to the projects they handle, so it was mandatory to give them an introduction and gradually build the context in their mind. Before long, they realized Agile Project Management is more relevant in a societal context and not an engineering project.

As, the underlining concept of agile is to self-organize, it was easy to grab the attention of the audience with it. The concept synced in even in less than an hour’s duration with ease and people began raising questions about how they can make it possible in their day to day work. Professionals attending the lecture were interested in knowing how to self organize the team and how to keep people motivated at work front.

To make the workshop session interesting, I introduced many activities to demonstrate how Agile works and almost every participant got involved actively. The best part was that at the conclusion of the workshop activities people came up with their useful learning insights.

During Agile Estimation activity, we had interesting debates on ‘How accurate estimates can be and the role of accurate estimates in software project management.’

A good amount of time was spent in discussing the meaning of trust and transparency in the development process and how these two are interdependent to each other. We also held a discussion on all those information radiators including Burn Down Chart which definitely made a powerful impact.

We tracked and discussed the road map on how they can adapt Agile in their organization. At the end they were able to work out what all agile tools they can bring into use to enhance trust, transparency, and productivity in their organization.

It was a successful iZenBridge International Event on Agile and I actually had a great time reconnecting with my old friends and rejuvenate the past memories.

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