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5 Quick & Simple Steps to Clear PMI-ACP® Certification

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Created on :
April 22, 2013
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
October 8, 2022
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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification is a latest buzz in the market and has created lots of excitement plus confusion amongst the professionals vying to gain it- The problem is that PMI has not recommended single standard reference book for PMI-ACP® Exam.

I have just summed up all your queries and their solutions here in simple 5 PMI-ACP® Certification Tips & Tricks for PMI-ACP® aspirants. With these 5 quick & simple steps to clear PMI-ACP® exam you will be able to take a decisive step towards your PMI-ACP® Certification journey.

1.First Step is to Learn Agile Fundamentals & Comprehend

  • Understand Agile fundamentals
  • Read Agile manifesto and its principle carefully
  • Comprehend the background of Agile values and principle

Subscribe to iZenBridge YouTubeChannel. You will find a number of informative video recordings related to PMI-ACP® Certification. Once you get hang of what all Agile is all about, it is time to move on to understand one of the most important methods of Agile-Scrum.

2. Get Familiar with Agile Methodology-Scrum

Scrum is the most crucial framework in Agile Study. Forget everything else in the beginning and just familiarize yourself completely with Scrum. It is in fact the backbone of any Agile project. One should have a complete understanding and exposure of what is Scrum, its functions, ceremonies, and artifacts.
We have provided lots of free study material and information on Agile & Scrum. You can also check out the video recordings of Scrum Training Sessions on our YouTube channel .

Apart from this you can also refer to the Scrum Guide.
Now, since you are familiarized with Agile & Scrum, it’s time to look for a mentor who can guide you through the journey.

3. Take Training

It is very important to have an expert Agile Trainer/Coach to prepare you for the PMI-ACP® Certification Test.


I do not deny the value of self-study however only an experienced Agile Trainer can clear your basic concepts.
21 Contact Hours Agile Training is a mandate but what I have noticed is that most of the people consider it as a mere prerequisite for PMI-ACP® Certification. I would suggest do not underestimate the worth of PMI-ACP Training. The company offering 21 contact hours PDUs assures your certification. Your Agile skills and learning get honed in the process-you get hands-on experience of Agile tools & techniques.
Ensure that the PMI-ACP Training company you have opted for provides you with all the study material and complete (Pre & Post training) assistance required to get certified.
Once you have a good mentor, you need to learn all the important topics from the examination point of view. And, you will be able to find them via PMI-ACP® Certification Content Outline.

4. Study PMI-ACP® Certification Content Outline

Be selective and have an eagle eye to gauge the important issues. PMI-ACP® Certification Content Outline covers many areas, especially the knowledge and skills section. Remember Level 2 & 3 of the Knowledge and Skills section, it just constitutes 17% of the test and only some of the topics from this area are frequently getting tested.
Last, but not least you need to assess your readiness for the final PMI-ACP® Test for which you need to take simulation exams.

5. Take Simulation Exam

You need to have an efficient and reliable resource for simulation tests. You may find many simulation test providers however the question is which one is the right choice.
Do not confuse your mind by attempting many simulation tests. You should pick two or three full-length reliable simulation tests and make sure that the test provider offers justified answers to that.

You can also try our Free Simulation Exams

Now that you have got a sneak peek into the PMI-ACP® exam Tips & Tricks and gained basic information, I would also like to make it clear that the PMI-ACP® exam Tips quoted above are general and applicable in most of the cases. The generic tips will somehow give you a direction to go and simply little modification or improvisation would be asked for your Customised PMI-ACP® Training Program.
Hope you have found answers to most of your questions. For further information, you can log onto our Official Website. You can also join us on our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and stay updated with the latest happenings.

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