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Guide To Earn 20 SEUs For Free And Renew Your CSM Certificate

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Created on :
June 6, 2019
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
October 8, 2022

Planning to renew your CSM, A-CSM or CSPO Certificate and worried about Earning SEUs?

Don’t worry!!

By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea of how many SEUs you need and how you can earn SEUs in a day.

SEUs are required to renew each certificate. The table below explains the SEUs and Scrum Alliance’s renewal fees for each CSM, CSPO, and ACSM certification.

Renewal Requirements

Certification (Two-Year Term)SEUs RequiredRenewal Fee
Professional (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSP®, or CAL II)40$250
Advanced (A-CSM®, or A-CSPO®)30$175
Foundational (CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®)20$100
Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O)10$50

Here are a few general rules you should be aware of before moving on –

  • One SEU means 1 hour of activity (Learning, Contributing to Scrum Community, Reading).
  • Attending a one (1) hour webinar is equivalent to one (1) SEU.
  • You can claim a maximum of 8 SEUs from one day of activity. For example, if you attend a training or workshop that lasts for more than 12 hours a day, you can only claim 8 SEUs.
  • SEUs are required for the renewal of all certifications. There is no category limitation for renewal, you can earn any number of SEU under any category.
  • If you do any Scrum Alliance certificate then your existing Scrum Alliance certifications will get renewed automatically.
  • Scrum Alliance mentioned 4 categories under which you can earn SEUs
    1. Events: You can earn SEUs by participating in Scrum workshop activities like Scrum Alliance global and regional gatherings and Non-Scrum Alliance – Sponsored Events, or user groups events and activities. Also by presenting, coaching, and attending sessions.
    2. Learning: SEUs can be claimed by attending any training program imparted by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) or a Registered Education Provider (REPs). Even by many other independent learning activities like preparing presentations, authoring relevant books, articles, or blogs, watching a training video/webinar, etc. For eg: If you do CSPO certification, your CSM will get renewed automatically. By doing CSPO with iZenBridge you will earn an additional 14 SEUs by reading the content and watching the videos of our complimentary online learning program. These SEUs can be claimed for the renewal of your certificates next time.
    3. In this, SEUs may be earned by providing non-compensated professional Scrum services. For example, you have volunteered training for nonprofit organizations other than your employer.
    4. Other: SEUs also can be earned through a variety of other learning activities such as Scrum Alliance acknowledges that not all learning fits neatly into the categories above.

How and where do I report my SEUs?

Follow these steps to report your SEUs:

  • Go to your Scrum Alliance login profile and head to the dashboard
  • Click on Manage SEUs which is on the extreme right of the page.
  • You will reach the SEUs dashboard where you can add SEUs by selecting a relevant activity from the drop-down and mention a description of the activity with no. of SEUs to be claimed.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAFe® Agilist Progra15Our SAFe® Agilist Certification program gives you 15 SEUs through Learning
ICP-ACC21ICP-ACC Certification SEUs can be claimed in Learning
ICP-ATF21ICP-ATF Certification SEUs can be claimed in Learning
PMI-ACP® Certification8PMI-ACP® Certification SEUs can be claimed in Learning
CSPO®16CSPO® Certification SEUs can be claimed in Learning
A-CSM16A-CSM Certification SEUs can be claimed in Learning
Webinar of Scrum and Agile1 Hour =1 SEUsIf you attend our webinar on Scrum or Agile related topics, you will earn 1 SEUs per one hour of Event
One Day Agile Event (iZenBridge)8One Day Agile Event (iZenBridge) SEUs can be claimed in Event
One Day Agile Event (DiscussAgile)8One Day Agile Event (DiscussAgile) SEUs can be claimed in Event
Scrum Gathering1 Day = 8 SEUsScrum Gathering SEUs can be claimed in Event

Q. Is the CSM certificate valid forever or it gets expired too?

A: Yes, CSM certificate gets expired as it is valid for 2 years only. You can get it renewed by claiming 20 SEUs.

Q. My CSM Certification is about to expire. How do I earn 20 SEUs for Free?

A. You can earn free SEUs by following activities –

  • You can write a blog on any Scrum Topic and earn up to 8 SEUs
  • You can read a quality book on Scrum Topic and earn up to 16 SEUs, depending on how much time you invest in reading.
  • You can attend a free webinar of iZenBridge, and earn 1 SEU for a 60 minutes webinar.
  • You can also visit our Community Channel and watch Agile and Scrum Webinars recording of 20 hours.
    Source Scrum Alliance

Q. What would be the renewal fee if I have more than one foundational (CSM, CSPO, CSD) certificate? Should I pay 100 USD per certificate or in total 100 for CSM, CSPO, and CSD ?

A: If you have more than one certificate such as CSM, CSPO, and CSD, then you just need to pay 100 USD to renew all at once, since the renewal is at certification level.

Here is scrum alliance authentic info:

Q. How many PDUs can I earn for CSM certification ?

A: 16 PDUs can be earned by attending the two days CSM workshop.

A. You can join the discussion on the same in our DISCUSSION FORUM. You may also check other blogs on Professional Training. Also, watch it here to explore various ways to earn SEUs for your CSM certificate.