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CSPO® – Certified Scrum Product Owner® is a credential offered by Scrum Alliance. CSPO® certification is a career-defining credential for professionals who are willing to take up the challenging role of a Product Owner on a Scrum team in an organization. In Scrum, there are three roles i.e. Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team. The Certified Scrum Product Owner® program focuses on the Product Owner. If you are looking to enhance your skills and credibility to lead product development initiatives, then the Certified Scrum Product Owner® Program is for you. Being a Product Owner, you will be responsible for the product backlog and make the decisions related to prioritizing the product backlog items. You will be involved in activities such as how to:

Certified Scrum Product Owner® is a stepping stone to get started in project management. This CSPO® online training in London will teach you the competencies of a successful Product Owner.

Certified Scrum Product Owner® Online Session

We offer two days of a virtual live session in London. The course is designed specifically for busy professionals who are passionate about building great products, working with stakeholders, and having an entrepreneur mindset with innovative ideas to solve problems. Our online live CSPO® program in London would be an enriching experience to ensure that you have a knowledge and understanding of agile product management, product creation and distribution from the product owner’s eye. You will be required to have approx. 20 hours of self-study for better understanding. It is recommended that one should complete the reading of theory before the session so that they can actively participate in all the activities and conversations. To get Certified, one must complete all assignments and attend live virtual sessions. Upon successful completion of the course, professionals will receive certification from the Scrum Alliance.

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the CSPO® workshop in London, the professionals will be able to:

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Product Owner Career Path


Content Outline

Scrum Basics

  1. Understand the Scrum Flow, the core components of the Scrum framework, and the Scrum vocabulary
  2. Understand the principles/legs of empirical process control
  3. Understand the work culture Scrum creates

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Understand the scope of the Product Owner role in detail
  2. Understand the scope of the ScrumMaster role at a high level
  3. Understand the scope of the Team role at a high level
  4. Understand why there is no project manager and no agile product manager

Product Vision

  1. Understand the importance of having the product vision as an overarching goal galvanizing the entire Scrum team
  2. Understand the desirable qualities of the vision
  3. Understand how the vision can be shaped
  4. Understand the importance of carrying out just enough prep work
  5. Understand the relationship between vision and product roadmap


  1. Understand the different estimation levels in Scrum
  2. Understand that the accuracy of an estimate is more important than the precision of the estimate
  3. Understand that estimates of size and duration can be done separately
  4. Understand the impact of pressuring team members to provide low estimates
  5. Understand the difference between estimating and committing

The Product Backlog

  1. Understand what the product backlog is (and is not)
  2. Understand product backlog grooming


  1. Understand the importance and benefits of prioritizing the product backlog
  2. Understand the implications of saying everything is mandatory
  3. Understand who should have input into prioritization decisions
  4. Understand that proper prioritization of a product backlog is based on multiple factors
  5. Understand and know how to apply formal approaches to prioritizing (i.e., beyond just “gut feel” or intuition)
  6. Understand how much latitude to give a team in adjusting the sequence of work

Release Management

  1. Understand the goal of release management
  2. Understand that planning is adaptive, iterative, and collaborative
  3. Understand why quality is frozen and the concept of technical debt
  4. Understand why software should be released early and frequently
  5. Understanding and measuring velocity
  6. Understand the release burndown chart
  7. Understand how a release plan can help forecast the future


  1. Understand the product owner’s role in the Scrum meetings
  2. Understand how the Product Owner and Development Team collaborate during the Sprint
  3. Understand what team commitment means
  4. Understand why sprints are timeboxed and protected
  5. Understand the concept of sustainable pace

How to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner®?

The Certified Scrum Product Owner® virtual program in London will be delivered via a webinar platform (Zoom). Once you enrol, you will receive an email with Certified Scrum Product Owner® online session details.

  • Attend all the live sessions.
  • Submit all the assignments
  • Give feedback about the course.
  • Claim your certificate.

Your CSPO® certification will be received via email. On successful completion of this Certified Scrum Product Owner® training process, you will be awarded the designation of Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) by Scrum Alliance.

Who Should Attend Certified Scrum Product Owner®?

This CSPO® training in London will be beneficial for:

  • Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance professional
  • Product Manager/Product Owner
  • Scrum Enthusiast
  • Software Developers/Software Resters
  • Manager and Architects – Software development
  • Team leads interested in learning Scrum

What will you get?

In this CSPO® online training in London, you will get

  • CSPO® Online Training with 100% success rate
  • Training by an elite panel of Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs)
  • You will earn 16 PDU/SEU
  • 100% Assured Scrum Alliance certification
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance
  • Continuous learning and support to advance your Scrum understanding
  • Full money back, if you don’t like or unable to attend the class

Why Certified Scrum Product Owner® with iZenBridge?

iZenBridge is your reliable partner for professional training and certification. We have been conducting online training in the United Kingdom for a long time including London, Colchester, Llandudno, Worcester Park, Watford, Brighton, Reading, etc. Our training and certificates will always add a feather in your cap. Since 2012, we have trained thousands of professionals and companies across different countries. We believe in going beyond traditional presentations by sharing our broad and diverse expertise in implementation. You will receive pre-reading study material immediately after registering for the course. It is recommended that one should complete the reading of theory before the Certified Scrum Product Owner® online session in London so that they can actively participate in all the activities and conversations. Our CSPO® session in London is a value for money Scrum Workshop. Everything you learn, you can apply to your job as a Product Owner. We have an expert team of Agile coaches who will help you design a career path of your choice inside Agile and Scrum, help you grow faster in your career and also guide you perfectly throughout the journey.

  • Trained 5000+ professionals worldwide
  • Facilitated 100+ virtual sessions
  • Mentored professionals across 30+ countries
  • Experience the practical Scrum Workshop
  • Real-world support and grooming
  • Complete career path guidance in Scrum and Agile
  • 100+ videos on our YouTube channel
  • 40,000+ subscribers are getting the benefit
  • 500+ enrollments every month
  • Full money back, if you don’t like or unable to attend the class

Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) Certification Course in London

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