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Created on :
February 1, 2014
Saket Bansal
Updated on :
November 15, 2022

Project Management Institute (PMI)® is a prestigious institution offering Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certifications in project management worldwide. This is why it requires a lot of care while scrutinizing the applications for PMP® and PMI-ACP® Certification Exam.

PMI Audit Process is not to be dreaded yet most of the applicants confuse it with re-verification of their application form.  The audit process is quite similar in both the PMP® and PMI-ACP® Certification.

Let us understand what all PMI Audit Process is all about.  This is a very simple process that entails you to confirm the details of eligibility criteria which you have filled in the application form with the documentations and signatures of the concerned authorities.

Now, you must be surprised so as to why audit when application fees for the examination is already being taken. Does this mean application form is being rejected or PMI found some details suspicious? The answer to this doubt is ‘NO.’ PMI is just asking you to provide rightful documentation along with the details furnished in the application form.

I’ll tell you how the PMI Audit Process works:

  • First, you fill in The PMP® Certification Application form in detail.
  • Once done, you submit the application to PMI for verification and approval. After the duration of 5 days in case of PMP® exam application and 10 days in case of PMI-ACP® exam application approval comes.
  • An email is sent to you to make the payment of examination fees.
  • Now, at this stage PMI send you an email. This email comes in two ways.
    • One, signalling go-ahead, schedule the exam, take the exam and get certified.
    • Second, PMI Audit, where in the institute asks you to substantiate your eligibility details with certain required evidences duly attested by the reporting manager or the primary stakeholder.

Do not panic! It’s just a random process wherein they would like to see the documentary evidences of your work experiences, qualifications filled in the application form. This is all done in good will to keep the reputation and quality of PMI Certifications insured.

So, if your application gets selected for the PMI Audit, collect all the documentary evidences which can be your educational details, your contact hours, or even may be your experience certificate. You get a PDF in an email with all the details filled in and you are just required to get the signature from your reporting manager on it. Make a final packet and send to the address mentioned in the email.

Do not list details more than required otherwise you would have to further substantiate a long list of documentation along with the application form.

PMI allots you 90 days to complete this process, so it is mandatory for you to select a right service provider for your packet delivery. PMI takes at the most 5-6 days to approve your application.Once your application is approved by PMI, then you can go ahead and schedule your PMP® Examination date.

Good Luck with your PMP® exam journey! You may also want to read my other blog post on PMP® Exam Study Plan</span.

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